About Our Service Offerings

At CAS Global Technologies we provide a wide range of Technology services to our clients.
Our services fall in two major categories:

Technology Hardware /Infastructure Srevices

Technology Software Srevices

Hardware Srevices

  1. Component Sourcing and Supply Chain Management:
    Helping clients source and select the appropriate components
    for their hardware products. You can also assist in managing
    the supply chain to ensure timely delivery of components and
    reduce production costs.
  2. Hardware Integration: Assisting clients in integrating their
    hardware products with other systems or technologies. This can
    involve hardware-software integration, connectivity solutions,
    and interoperability with other devices or platforms.
  3. Technical Support and Maintenance: Providing postproduction support services to clients. This includes
    troubleshooting, maintenance, repairs, and firmware updates for
    hardware products to ensure their smooth operation.
  4. Product Lifecycle Management: Assisting clients in managing
    the entire lifecycle of their hardware products, from concept and
    design to manufacturing, distribution, and end-of-life
    considerations. This can involve product planning, version
    management, and obsolescence management.
  5. Consultation and Advisory Services: Offering expert advice
    and consultation on hardware technology trends, industry best
    practices, and technology roadmaps. This can help clients
    make informed decisions regarding their hardware strategies
    and product development.

Software Service

  1. Custom Software Development: We develop custom software solutions using Java and Angular to meet the specific needs our clients.
  2. Web Application Development: We develop robust and scalable web applications using Angular on the frontend and Java on the backend.
  3. Mobile Application Development: We develop mobile applications for Android and iOS platforms using Java and Angular.
  4. Enterprise Application Integration: We help clients integrate their existing enterprise applications with Java and Angular-based solutions.
  5. Maintenance and Support: We provide ongoing maintenance and support services for Java and Angular-based applications, ensuring they continue to run smoothly.
  6. Consulting: We offer consulting services to clients, helping them with the selection of the best technologies, architecture, and design patterns for their projects.
  7. Training: We offer training services to help clients learn how to use Java and Angular effectively.
  8. Cloud Solutions: We offer cloud solutions such as deployment, infrastructure management, and migration of Java and Angular applications to cloud platforms like AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud.
  9. UI/UX Design: We provide UI/UX design services for Java and Angular-based applications, creating intuitive and user-friendly interfaces.

Our Past Projects

Leading Australian banks case study

  1. Successfully upgraded infrastructure of a leading bank in Australia.
  2. Successfully decommissioned customer correspondence software of Bank
  3. Successfully defined reporting requirements of the bank.
  4. Successfully updated Document Retrieval Software of the bank.
  5. Successfully staregised demerger of a bank business unit.

Leading Global Watch maker case study

  1. Successfully audited Pricing discrepancies in software.
  2. Successfully upgraded Sales and Invoicing software’s.
  3. Successfully upgraded Inventory Management Software
  4. Successfully supported Vendor Management software: Vendor Connect.
  5. Successful SAP integration within business.

Financial Institution Case study

  1. Successfully implemented all modules of leasing software.
  2. Successfully set up entire Financial System of the Financial Institution.
  3. Successfully migrated data for a Financial institution
  4. Successfully managed change and system administration for a Financial institution.
  5. Successfully defined business rules and controls for governance.

Retailer Case Study

  1. Successfully support and maintain Retail software.
  2. Successfully install hardware to support sales.
  3. Successfully supported Freight management software’s: Toll, AAE, STARTRACK, DHL, UPS.
  4. Successfully supported Barcoding System: Bar One.
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